Allison Krinsky

My Projects

Data Analyst @ Xu Lab

Take a look at what I've been working on as a Data Analyst at the UW Xu Lab

Happy Trails

Web Application written in Javascript that compiles information on different national park hiking trails.

Meal Planner Python Flask App

A work in progress Python Flask web app to meal plan for the coming week, track recipes, maintain fridge necessities and more!

Aria -- Safety in Dating App Wireframe

Designing for "The Home of the Future"

U.S. GDP vs Dow Jones Interactive Analysis

Shiny App built in R used to perform analysis on the U.S. Economy, includes interactive data visualizations and explanations of findings.

Senior Tech

High fidelity wireframe built in Figma as an app to connect senior citizens with a more tech savvy generation. The culmination of extensive user research and wire framing iterations.